Fertility Awareness Based Coaching and Instruction

Marquette Postpartum Breastfeeding Protocol + Follow-up

Participants are required to have previously taken an NFP Course (Sympto-thermal, Sympto-Pro, Marquette, Billings, or Creighton) to attend this specialized postpartum breastfeeding class. Includes 1 year of individualized follow-up. This specific protocol utilizes the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and is 98% effective at postponing pregnancy while breastfeeding. The Marquette Method is backed by current and ongoing medical research and technology and is taught by licensed healthcare professionals.

Method Instruction

CCL Sympto-Thermal Method during Perimenopause

You want to learn the Sympto-Thermal method during the perimenopause time? This package is for you. Learn the basics of the STM method as taught by the Couple to Couple League in one session with your FAB coach. Practice a little on your own, and then meet again to learn the guidelines for the perimenopause time. Package also includes follow up appointment(s). Meetings happen online with MS Teams. Husbands welcome!

CCL Sympto-Thermal Method while Pregnant or Postpartum

Postpartum is a time of transition from pregnancy to regular cycles. Learn the Sympto-Thermal Method as taught by the Couple to Couple League and the postpartum transition guidelines. This appointment is for couples new to fertility awareness and wanting to learn during postpartum. Husbands welcome!

Individual instruction with a CCL teacher/coach using MS Teams meeting.

Fertility Awareness for Single Women

Learn how to chart your fertility signs and learn about cycle health. Includes one hour of instruction and two follow-up sessions. Instruction is delivered via personal video meetings using MS Teams.

Individual Instruction in CCL Sympto-Thermal Method

Learn the Sympto-Thermal Method as taught by the Couple to Couple League. This instruction will be individualized for you as a couple depending on your background. This is a good fit for couples who have already practiced some fertility awareness either from learning on their own or with an app. Husbands and fiances welcome!